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KwaZulu Natal Virtual Reality Events

Our company was recently commissioned to do a Virtual Reality activation and event for KZN Tourism at the Dezzi Raceway Track in Port Shepstone. KZN Tourism is using Virtual Reality to showcase some of the things that Tourist to Kwa Zulu Natal can do and experience.

With the Virtual Reality experience they are able to take Kwa Zulu Natal Tourism experiences to people where ever they are and show them what they can expect when visiting KZN. In this activation we offered clients a Surf Board experience, a Zulu Dancing Experience and a Zip Line Experience.

Virtual Reality Surfing Experience


Our company creates custom Virtual Reality experiences for our clients. In this case we’ve used physical props as part of the virtual reality event. Physical props are a great way to attract people to your stand and showcase the experience without people having to experience it in Virtual Reality. The props acts like a magnet to attract people to participate in the experience and help set the theme of the experiences. It also helps to create a 9D effect where people can stand on the actual surfboard, there is a fan blowing wind on them and they also need to balance themselves on the surfboard adding another dimension to the experience. The surfboard prop were specifically designed for this experience.


The surfboard can be custom branded if needed. Our staff are specifically trained to make sure that people don’t act reckless on the surfboard and to make sure that it is a fun and safe experience.

Virtual Reality Adventure Tourism Activities

Our Virtual Reality Zip Line experience give users a feel of what it is like to Zip Line. The Zip line Rig is a standalone construction that can safely hold people up to 120 kg. Users sit down on a chair and are suspended in the air when they do the Zip Line experience. There is also a fan that blows on them while they are doing the experience bringing another dimension of reality to the experience.

This is a good example of how virtual reality can be used to bring adventure experiences to clients, and how it can be used to market experiences to potential clients.

Looking for a Virtual Reality Events company?

At Virtual Reality Durban it is important for us to create high quality virtual reality events for our clients. We are ambassadors for virtual reality and our aim is to give everyone a awesome virtual reality experience when we do activations. We realize that it is also important for our clients, that their clients have awesome virtual reality experiences when they make use of our services.

  • Our virtual reality team is professional
  • They are technical and can assist clients with the experience.
  • They are friendly and helpful, guiding users in the experience and actively part of making each experience memorable for clients.
  • They clean and maintain hygiene with the headsets and make sure that the headset is sanitized between use to offer a safe and hygiene experience.

If you are looking for a professional virtual reality event experience, talk to us, we will be happy to provide you with a awesome virtual reality experience for your event!

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