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At Virtual Reality Durban, we live and breathe Virtual Reality! Our team is deeply dedicated to pioneering the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality landscape in South Africa. Specializing in cutting-edge “True Virtual Reality” applications, we craft immersive experiences tailored for brands across the region. With extensive industry expertise, our company consistently delivers exceptional quality work. Contact us today to explore how we can bring your Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality vision to life!

  • Virtual Reality Activations

    Virtual Reality Activations

    Welcome to Virtual Reality Durban, where we transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences through cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) activations. Our mission is to bring immersive technology to the forefront of your events, offering a unique and engaging way to captivate your audience. With a team of highly trained professionals and a commitment to excellence, we…

  • 360° Video and Photography

    360° Video and Photography

    What is a 360° Video ? Almost everyone in the world today has seen a video on the internet. Cameras that aim in one direction are typically used to capture videos. When you view a video on YouTube after it has been uploaded, you may just press the play button, sit back, and relax. 360…

  • Augmented Reality Development

    Augmented Reality Development

    In an era where technology constantly evolves to enhance human experiences, Augmented Reality (AR) stands out as a transformative force. AR is an interactive experience where the real-world environment is augmented, or enhanced, with computer-generated information appealing to various senses like visual, auditory, and even haptic (pertaining to touch). Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which creates…

  • Virtual Reality Development

    Virtual Reality Development

    In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Virtual Reality (VR) stands at the forefront of transformative technology, reshaping how we perceive and interact with the world around us. At Virtual Reality Durban, we are not just developers; we are pioneers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of VR innovation and creating immersive experiences that transcend expectations. Creating…

  • 3D Rendering & Modeling

    3D Rendering & Modeling

    The Evolution of 3D Rendering in Modern Design With the continuous advancement of technology, the world of 3D design is evolving at an unprecedented pace. One significant innovation is Computer-Aided Rendering (CADR), which enables architects and designers to create precise and accurate representations grounded in real-world physics. Unlike traditional 2D images that relied heavily on…

  • Virtual Tours

    Virtual Tours

    Virtual Tours are online representations of a space or area. To navigate the environment, you can use a computer, tablet, smartphone, or virtual reality headset. A virtual tour may be an excellent approach to exhibit your company to individuals who are unable to see it in person. This is accomplished by utilizing technology to produce…