Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are online representations of a space or area. To navigate the environment, you can use a computer, tablet, smartphone, or virtual reality headset. A virtual tour may be an excellent approach to exhibit your company to individuals who are unable to see it in person. This is accomplished by utilizing technology to produce a tour of your area that anyone can watch online at any time from anywhere in the globe. Open houses are an excellent opportunity for individuals to become acquainted with a new region. For example, if someone is visiting a new city, they may learn more about it by attending an open house at a nearby hotel or tourist destination. How are Virtual Tours created?

Our Photographers shoot a lot of 360° photographs, also known as panoramic images, a few meters apart, covering the interior or outside regions of interest. 360° images are an excellent approach to allow users to view in whatever direction they choose.

These shots are then merged to create a virtual tour that allows viewers to browse among photographs by utilizing “Hotspots,” which are overlayed on top of the 360° images and act as a navigation aid to virtually stroll across the place.

Hotspots can also be utilized for other purposes, such as presenting extra information about a site of interest, items, or even playing a series of videos within the virtual tour.

View and experience some of our Virtual Tours below:

SAP Virtual Tour

The Innovation Hub Virtual Tour

The University of Pretoria Virtual Tour

Exploring the Technology Behind Virtual Tours

Virtual tours rely on 360-degree photography, capturing panoramic views of locations. These images are stitched together using specialized software to create cohesive, navigable panoramas. Modern tours integrate interactive features like clickable hotspots, video embeds, and e-commerce capabilities.

Platforms are typically web-based, accessible across devices, including VR headsets for a fully immersive experience.

Unveiling the Creative Process

From initial consultation to final delivery, crafting virtual tours involves meticulous planning, content capture, interactive integration, and quality assurance. Client involvement ensures alignment with objectives and seamless integration into marketing strategies.

Virtual Reality Durban: Dedicated to Excellence

Virtual Reality Durban pioneers virtual tour solutions tailored to diverse industries, showcasing a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Their projects span real estate, education, mining, automotive, tourism, and events, demonstrating the transformative impact of immersive digital experiences

Embrace the Virtual Reality Revolution

Partner with Virtual Reality Durban to harness the potential of virtual tours for your business or institution. Embrace the future of digital engagement with state-of-the-art solutions that captivate, inform, and inspire.

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