Virtual Reality Durban Contact Details

Virtual Reality Durban head office is based in Johannesburg South Africa. Please use the contact details below for more information or to request a quotation from us.


11 Scafell Road
South Africa

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Did you know?

Virtual Reality Durban is part of a initiative to educate South Africans on how to use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. We are part of the Virtual Reality innovation hub in Klerksdorp, North West South Africa. Here we teach people how to become Virtual Reality software developers, 3D Modelers and how to run their own Virtual Reality companies.

We would love it if you embrace Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality as part of your business strategy.

Our approach is simple, when starting working with a client the first time. We invite clients to our offices to experience the various Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions that we have to offer.

These sessions is usually very informative and we demonstrate our capabilities with past work done! After such a session our clients understand the technology better and is more informed on what can be done using the technologies and our companies capabilities.

During the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality demo, we then explore with our clients their specific needs and project details. After the visit we will then formulate a concept and share this with the client.

(Demo bookings are per appointment only!)

To most people, virtual reality is known for its use in gaming. However the potential goes far beyond gaming and can add meaningful value to your business as a marketing tool, training tool or business solution. Here at Virtual Reality Durban we want your business to thrive and move into the 4th Industrial revolution seaming less. Talk to us today. We are the right people to help you achieve your vision with a virtual reality, augmented reality, 360° video or mixed reality experience.