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Virtual Reality Durban

Virtual Reality Durban is part of the Virtual Reality South Africa group of companies.  The main focus of the Virtual Reality Durban company is to provide Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions to companies based in Durban or in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. If you are looking for a Local International Virtual Reality company go to Virtual Reality South Africa for more information.

We use the power of virtual reality to create and develop virtual reality experiences and solutions depending on your needs and specifications. Virtual Reality Durban creates virtual tours using high-quality cameras and cutting-edge 360-degree video editing software. We develop virtual reality apps and experiences that range from entertaining games to realistic training programs. We give cutting-edge virtual reality technology to our clients in order for them to demonstrate the potential of VR at events and expos.

With 20+ years of virtual tours, 360° videovirtual reality and 3+ years augmented reality development experience we are the pioneers in the Virtual Reality industry in South Africa. Virtual Reality Durban pride ourselves on providing Personalized Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile Applications both for iOS and Android, and Custom Software applications for South Africa’s best brands.

The Virtual Reality Durban team’s mission is to produce bespoke immersive experiences for a global audience. Our experienced team utilizes the latest in 360 video technologies, Matterport Virtual Tours, High-End 6 DOF Virtual Reality experiences and volumetric technologies to capture and deliver highly engaging content.

360° Virtual Experiences

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a company that creates virtual reality 360-degree video. Our talented team will dazzle your customers with high-definition movies. On video projects, we collaborate with advertising agencies, production companies, and enterprises from all across Africa and the world. You can count on us to complete projects on time and on budget when you employ us.

Our firm has mastered the ability of fast setting up images and settings in tough conditions. As a result, we can employ video to breathe life into your brand and help it stand out. All you need is a good idea for us to work on to make your project a huge success.

We use a wide range of high-end hardware and software to capture 360° film that can be viewed on any device, whether it is a virtual reality headset or a standard smartphone.

We record premium quality film of whole surroundings, such as houses, factories, or even wide open landscapes, using the latest in aerial drone and 360 camera technology.

Whether our clients prefer close-ups or wide-angle panoramic images, our licensed drone pilots can accommodate any request.

We can make interactive virtual tours using our cutting-edge 360° technology. Our tours are more than just movies; they are full-fledged cinematic experiences that will convince you that what you’re seeing is real.

KwaZulu Natal Virtual Reality Events


Virtual Reality Software Development

Our developers and modelers are capable of creating custom-made virtual and augmented reality experiences based on your needs.

We provide customized virtual reality solutions for our clients depending on their unique needs and requirements. Our virtual reality professionals can help you create engaging and interesting virtual reality experiences.

We can make the virtual world effortlessly blend into the actual world using the power of augmented reality. Objects and settings produced digitally can become a part of reality.

Virtual reality is a technology that may be used to demonstrate products or services to customers without having to give them tangible items. It has the potential to assist businesses in selling their products. It also depicts recent advancements in virtual reality technology.

The way we create things is changing thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality. As a result, designers may now leverage these technologies to build better-looking, easier-to-manufacture designs. Because of VR, managers have fresh ideas about how they’ll be able to efficiently manage their staff!

Simulators for industrial training are an excellent approach to educate your personnel how to perform what they need to do. Virtual reality and other types of training may be done from anywhere, at any time.

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